Born in 1994

Presidential was conceived from the Presidential Shirt brand, manufacturer and supplier of the Madiba Shirt.

“The Madiba shirt is a classic, not a fashion statement. Its rules are comfort and a dramatic graphic signature.”

Presidential has evolved and grown to include a variety of afro-centric products. It supports Made in South Africa. The authentic African apparel is made in our own factory in Cape Town.

Benefiting the Nelson Mandela Foundation

Presidential is built on quality, integrity, generosity, history and is very fortunate to have the honorable Nelson Mandela as it’s first brand ambassador. It seeks to promote his legacy and his values as embodied by the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Presidential Shirt supports job creation and Made in South Africa. The authentic African apparel is made in our own shirt factory in Cape Town.

Made in SA

Moments back in time

A picture printed in the Die Burger Newspaper on 11 May 1994, shows Nelson Mandela at the dress rehearsal for the opening of Parliament. It was taken just before he stepped into his rightful place in South African history. He is surrounded by security guards and dignitaries. Every man in the picture is wearing a conservative double-breasted coat and tie. President Mandela looks relaxed, as if he is just a visitor rather than the center of attention. He had been elected President just two weeks before in South Africa’s first free and truly democratic election.

The eyes of the world are now on him. President Mandela is wearing a loose black cotton batik print shirt with brown fish swimming across the chest. (Top photograph) This shirt was designed and supplied by Desré Buirski. She subsequently designed many printed, embroidered and more than 150 hand-painted silk shirts, which the President has worn on the world stage, becoming a global icon.



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Evolved Collections

Presidential Shirt

Supplier of the Madiba Shirt. Contemporary and traditional designs combine African craftsmanship with Presidential luxury to present a collection of exquisitely crafted garments.


Presidential Queen

Africa Haute Couture complimented with Ready to Wear designs for women of the world. Available in our OR Tambo stores.




Madiba Shirt

The iconic shirt, an ode to our First President and iconic statesman, Nelson Mandela. Presidential was honored to have supplied many of the Madiba shirts to President Mandela.



Presidential Africa

Ubuntu. You and me both. Our common humanity, we all came from Africa. Supporting local craftsmanship.